Lonian, our bespoke carbon limousine tender

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New 'Amels 60' launched with Xtenders 9.0m limousine on board!

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One of our most recent launches

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Bespoke carbon limousine tenders

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Custom lightweight SOLAS Rescue tenders

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The 16m Xtender exploration tender

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Our goal and privilege is to offer the ultimate custom carbon superyacht tender and outstanding customer service.

We deliver lightweight durable tenders that perform like no other boat. Designed and built to exhilarate, each Xtender is built from carbon fibre using Formula 1 technology.

Whatever the purpose, dimensions, configuration or drive train of the tender may be, we will beautifully integrate them into one greatly performing bespoke craft that is perfectly in tune with your yacht.


We offer a complete custom solution for your yacht. Your tender starts with a blank sheet of paper, your ambition and our expertise.

Ultimate yacht match

Xtenders is trusted by the best in the yacht industry to deliver a custom tender built to maximum size, usability and individual character of the yacht.

Client involvement

Just like with the yacht, we take you on a journey towards a vessel that will best suit your wishes and user requirements.

Full carbon

To guarantee the best material properties each tender is built exclusively from carbon fibre using Formula One technology.


Carbon fibre doesn’t fatigue. Being engineered and built to withstand the highest impacts our tenders are virtually unbreakable.


Using pre-preg carbon fibre technology allows us to reduce the total weight of the structure up to half of the industries standards.

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