Xtenders aims to build the ultimate super yacht tender. This is achieved by building full customizable tenders with the highest level of construction and finishing according to a lightweight philosophy.

Xtenders accomplishes this lightweight philosophy by constructing their complete tenders in pre-preg carbon fiber which is cured in an autoclave.

A production technology known from formula 1 and the aerospace industry, thus this provides the most optimal structural performance while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Roots & Technology

After years of experience in building state of the art Extreme 40 sailing catamarans, Herbert Dercksen brings the cutting edge autoclave technology to the market of super yacht tenders: Xtenders.

This autoclave technology means that a component is produced under high pressure (up to 6 bar) and high temperatures (140°C) to cure the pre-preg carbon fibers. Total control of the material properties brings several advantages to super yacht tenders that have never been seen before in this industry.

The high pressure creates the best possible epoxy-to-weight ratio (lighter) and highest level of surface quality, while the high temperatures improve the longevity and mechanical properties of the components. Simply said, our tenders are stronger and lighter.

Xtenders is the only tender manufacturer in the world that can provide all these characteristics to their tenders, by consistently using autoclave technology for every component.

Design Approach

During design we strive for involvement, quality and efficiency. We believe that, just like the mothership, each tender should meet the unique needs and taste of it's owner.

Whatever the purpose, dimensions, configuration or drive train of the tender may be, it can be beautifully integrated into one craft. The whole design process of every single tender starts with a blank sheet of paper and open conversation between Xtenders and the client.

We intend to involve our clients in the design process. Working together towards the bespoke and unique end-result, we put a notable amount of effort into ideation and visualization the concepts which can vary from the simplest sketches to complete product renderings.

Building in autoclaved carbon is different to other production techniques. We guarantee the best result in regard to weight and durability of our tenders as our own design and engineering teams have an extensive experience in translating diverging concepts into strong and light products. Depending on the scale of the project, we work with a number of recognized partners from the industry.

We strive for maximum efficiency of communication between design and manufacturing and stay involved for the quality monitoring until the last bolt is screwed on. To achieve that, we chose to bring the assembly and completion of the tenders to our headquarters to Almere.


In order to ensure the highest product quality we work with the best carbon manufacturers in Europe. Which among others Marstrom (Sweden) is one of them.

Assembly and completion of each tender is done in house in Almere, The Netherlands. It has all the facilities and access to the waters of IJsselmeer to transform rough carbon components into high performance tenders of the best quality.

Assembly, drive train installation, electrical and hydraulic installation, painting, and testing are performed here by the best Dutch craftsmen under the supervision of design and engineering teams to ensure industry’s leading quality, performance and reliability.