Why Xtenders?

Industries like Formula 1 and the aerospace sector depend on pre-preg carbon fibre to deliver the ultimate performance in the most challenging conditions while keeping weight to a minimum. Xtenders is the only tender manufacturer in the world that uses autoclave technology for every major component.This means that a part is produced under high pressure (up to 6 bar) and high temperatures (140 Celcius) with pre-preg carbon fibre. This has various advantages. The high pressure creates the best possible epoxy-to-weight ratio and the best surface quality and the high temperatures improve the longevity of the components as well as their mechanical properties. Carbon fibre and the resin will not deteriorate due to chemicals, uv-radiation and temperatures. The high pressure of the autoclave process ensures there are virtually no weak areas like voids that could result in delamination. Our tenders are designed engineered and manufactured with great precision using unique technology, which results in very significant weight savings of (up to half the weight of our competitors)

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Latest news

16 June
9.3m Convertible Limousine t/t Savannah
02 February
6.9m Beachlander
23 October
6.0m Shuttle launched
29 September
Successful MYS 2015 for Xtenders
25 July
Successful SOLAS testing of the 6.8m tender
26 June
D-Rib and Beachlander in range from 8.5 to 12.5m

Latest video Xtender 6.3m carbon sports tender