Xtenders 8.3m Exploration Tender

T/T Butterfly

The story

Two of these tenders were built with in mind to facilitate a wide variety of water sport activities such as diving and kitesurfing in the most remote regions of the globe. A flexible interior that can be transformed into multiple layouts was created to suit each particular activity. Four shock mitigating seats located ahead of the 375 horsepower engine soften the ride when the tender is travelling at an eye wateringly quick top speed of 45+ knots.

This tender is very robustly designed with remote and adventurous operating locations in mind.

By installing a jet drive we were able to minimize the tenderĀ“s draft whilst maximizing its operating area. Integrating a removable bimini and folding console made it possible to store the tender in the low-profile tender bay.

Xtenders 8.3m Exploration Tender


  • Design Xtenders
  • Engineering Xtenders
  • LOA 8.3m
  • Beam 2.6m
  • Height for storage 1.55m
  • Hull weight 230kg
  • Weight 1250kg
  • Drivetrain Steyr MO-256 K43
  • Power 256pk
  • Max. speed 35knts
  • Capacity 12 people incl. crew
  • Ce Category B+C