Xtenders 12.0m DRIB

Design by Xtenders

The story

The 12m D-Rib tender is the multi-purpose open tender for any yacht. Combining the scalloped hull design with carbon fiber construction delivers unmatched performance, dry ride and durability.

Spacious deck is a great platform for the diverging activities among which are day trips, watersports, daily crew routine and guest transfers. The tender is equipped with a lavatory for longer voyages.

Rigid bulwarks and extensive sitting arrangement provide a better feeling of safety and comfort onboard. The folding bow highly improves the multipurpose nature of the tender by providing a perfect option for beaching and water access.

In collaboration with the client, the lay-out and finishes will be tailored to suit the yacht’s design and the personal preference of the owner and the crew.

Xtenders 12.0m DRIB


  • Design Xtenders
  • Engineering Xtenders
  • LOA 12m
  • Beam 3,2m
  • Height for storage 1.4m
  • Hull weight 1150kg
  • Weight 2950kg
  • Drivetrain 2x Yanmar 6BY/2x Mercruiser TDI 4.2L
  • Power 510hp
  • Max. speed 46knts
  • Capacity 12 people incl. crew
  • Ce Category C