This exterior concept is the reflection of a modern yacht styling that elegantly translates the lines of her mothership to a form language of smaller boats. Straight lines and clean surfaces is something typical for both, the majority of superyachts and Xtenders itself. A sharp nearly vertical bow and a lowered wide aft deck accentuate the speed and performance at the same time improving usability of the tender.

This concept is all about the exterior styling and interior space for the guests. 12 guests could comfortably sit inside despite richly shaped upholstery. For those who prefer not to enjoy the view of the trip, a wide range of multimedia appliances will make sure that the guests are perfectly entertained.
One of the major complains with limousine tenders is the enclosed feeling inside which is caused by the need of standing height. The interior of this limousine is smartly connected with the environment by extended windows and optionally available lifting roof.