9.3m Convertible Limousine t/t Savannah

After years of design, engineering and careful manufacturing our new custom carbon limousine has been delivered to her mothership, 83.5m MY Savannah. Designed to combine all the advantages of an open day boat and a luxurious limousine, she is meant to facilitate the entire range of diverse activities that the owner and his guests pursue during their stay on board.

Despite the yacht’s impressive length, the 9.3m long tender had to fit through a 1.65 m high garage door, a fit that no previously existing limousine could achieve. Two separately actuated roofs showcase the tender’s functionality and can disappear into the hull to fit into the yacht.
The tender is based on the unique 12 m scalloped hull design by Xtenders that can be trimmed down to any size between 8 and 12 metres. Propelled by a Mercury Diesel 4.2L TDI and weighing only 3.2 tons, the tender is able to reach max. speed of 39 knots.

See the tender: Xtender 9.3m convertible limousine